Wall of videospheres, Vancouver, BC

Visualization/coding experiments

The project was born with visualization/coding experiments in 2015-2016 in the realm of 360, XR VR with a lot of shooting, visual experimentations and coding. The web application is designed to manipulate the photospheres and videospheres (360) from a tablet for a multi projection performance.

In August 2016 at Dynamo Arts Association, Vancouver, BC, is the first public performance to display a dynamic relation between human activities and their ecosystems. I created the display as part of a group show with John Cussans and Stephanie Moran. The material was shot on 360 cameras during that summer in BC.

Read more about the show at BC Time-Slip.

The version presented on this page is a non interactive video (the audio can be turned on with the video controls). The interactive version for show and performances can run smoothly on specifically optimized systems, including handheld devices like tablets. It can be tried here but no guarantee it will work on your system.